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Posted by Zachmont
Nov 30, 2019
I had an absolute amazing time with Charlotte yesterday. Words cannot describe enough what a sensual and erotic woman she is. If I had to try, the word “elegance” sums her up well, though. And her British accent.... (shudder)... to die for. She’s a very genuine person that’s wonderful to talk to. She does some other things that are wonderful too... My time spent with her was everything I had hoped, and so much more. Without any hesitation whatsoever, she gets three thumbs up from me. You truly need to give yourself a Christmas present and spend some time with her. As an aside, she isn’t able to respond/communicate on Lyla since her return to the business. The mods are still processing her account, though it’s been months now. She regularly has an ad up on Massage Republic you can get contact info through.
Posted by RayRenpelle
Aug 15, 2019
I had first met Ms Charlotte Quinn in a duo last week but wanted to know her better by having a one on one visit with her. I was not disappointed. Again she greeted me with a beautiful smile, a hug and a kiss. She was wearing a very tasteful dress. She looked ready for the ballroom! We first took some time to learn more about each other and also her services. Then the intimate, private part of the visit. I do not discuss this with anyone as it is between her and I and could vary with others. I will only say that it was beautiful. She is a very pretty woman and very soft. Charlotte is very easy to be comfortable with and enjoy the moment. She will definitely see me again. I am glad to have met. A big thank you for this visit Charlotte!
Posted by RayRenpelle
Aug 08, 2019
I had the opportunity to meet Ms Charlotte Quinn today! What a beautiful experience! The setting was a duo arranged by Kylie Jane who has made such arrangement for me before with another provider. Ever so thankful to Kylie Jane for this! Now back to Charlotte! I had seen some pictures of her, read her profile and even exchanged a couple of messages with her but that just was not enough! When I walked in the room and Kylie introduced her to me I know my jaw dropped. She looked so beautiful in a light colored figure hugging dress! Pretty face and nice black long hair and a most happy looking smile. She gave me a hug like I was a long list friend that she just found. Slender woman who just seemed to melt right into me. We enjoyed a bit of conversation and it was followed one of the best experience for me. Charlotte and Kylie were very much into each other but always making sure that I was right in the middle of it. She is so attentive to you with lots of kisses and touching. And she is so soft to the touch! A gem that I will see again for sure! I can simply thank Charlotte Quinn and Kylie Jane for a Great visit with two great ladies! Speechless!
Posted by fun4rob
Jul 26, 2019
When I saw Charlotte's LL post I immediately made time for a possible date with her. I saw her once when she was here before and because I was so nervous, that first encounter was not everything I hoped it would be. Despite that, Charlotte went out of her way to help me enjoy myself - I never forgot that. However, before I had a chance to be with her again, she took a break from the industry. After a bit of back and forth we were able to agree on a time. Charlotte is elegant, well spoken, and breathtakingly gorgeous. She was wearing a tight but classy black dress and it's all I could do but pinch myself to make sure I was awake. Her lovely British accent only adds to her considerable charm. Charlotte's skin is amazingly soft, her mesmerizing eyes and long black hair...mmmmm. The encounter itself, well, I will leave that to your imagination except to say you will have her undivided attention the second you arrive until the moment you leave